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Our Team and Colleagues

Dr. Kristie Doheny        Psychologist, LMSW, LMHC  and founder of Holistic Health Center for Personal Growth and Healing             www.personalgrowthandhealing.com

Sonia Oviedo, RN       Health and Wellness Coach and Pre-diabetes Prevention Registered Nurse www.healthyplatesolution.com

Roxanne Arthur, LMSW  With over 4 years of experience using trauma-informed cognitive behavior therapy, Roxanne supports individuals and families with processing experiences of trauma, loss and disruptions within the family system. She supports her patients with fostering and strengthening their interpersonal relationships, from a holistic perspective that includes maintaining their emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Elina Calabrese, LMSW  Elina provides individual and group work with a holistic approach to emotional wellness and has a passion for empowering and inspiring individuals to achieve their goals. Her areas of expertise include mood disorders, emotional eating, and issues with food and body image. Over the past five years, she has gained experience working with diverse populations including the  homeless,  LGBTQ individuals, and ex-offenders.

Adriana Martinez, LCSW  Adriana works with individuals, couples, and groups.She has worked with people who are monolingual, multicultural, and from different socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as many different diagnoses including anxiety and depression. She has worked with adolescents and children who've endured trauma, abuse, and especially issues related to undocumented status.

Jennifer Budhan, LMSW Jennifer is a highly skilled and dedicated Clinician with a strong background in counseling a diverse group of at-risk adolescents and families. Holds a lengthy history of direct practice experience with young children and families in school and academic settings. Has excellent client evaluationskills and a proven ability to quickly establish strong rapport with clients. Coordinated, supervised, and ran groups for adolescents.

Tara Singh, LMSW Tara works with individuals, couples and families. She treats people struggling with anxiety and depression learn coping skills to help them through tough times. In my practice with couples and families, Addresses the core sources of relationship dysfunction: poor communication and difficulty satisfactorily resolving conflicts. Tara is a certified Family and Divorce Mediator, I am able to skillfully manage unexpected crises and remain levelheaded when faced with emotionally charged situations.